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What Algorithms do you (Pagagon) use to wipe the discs?

I know we can configure the program to do as many passes as we like, but i'd like more details of the process that is used. There are now commercial programs that can find data on discs that have been 'so calld' cleaned. In fact we were gioven one a few weeks ago. So I would like to now how effective this program is. Thankyou.


do you have any data about the above?

Whiterabbit-uk, 14.03.2012, 08:38
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fireworker, 14.03.2012, 18:23
"Paragon's algorithm.
*Overwrite each sector with a forcefully randomized 512-byte string, new for each sector, using CSPRNG
(cryptographically secure pseudo-random number generator);
*Overwrite each erased sector with its complement;
*Overwrite each sector with a 512-byte string (CSPRNG), again forcefully randomized and different from the
first pass, and new for each sector;
*Fill each erased sector with 0xAA value. Finally, the target data area is to be verified."
Source: ParagonDW Help file.

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